The Emotional Benefits of In-Home Care for Seniors

When providing care for a senior, there will be the inevitable debate over where that senior should reside. Most elderly adults will tell you they would prefer to live in their home over being moved into a senior care facility. Depending on the state of the senior’s overall health and well-being, it might actually make more sense to get your elderly loved one in-home senior care in Lexington, KY over placing them into a senior care facility. 

There are definite emotional benefits for seniors who are able to age in place over being forced to move out of the residence where they currently live now and have probably lived for decades. These are crucial factors for all stakeholders in the well-being of an elderly loved to take to heart, as their decisions can have a significant impact on the life of their beloved senior citizen. 

Emotional and Mental Benefits to In-Home Care

No one wants to live someplace where they don’t feel comfortable or even familiar. When anyone is forced into a situation they don’t like, we experience a range of emotions, frustration, anger, even fear. Elderly adults who are forced to live anywhere other than their own homes can experience all of these feelings and more. They can get homesick, depressed, and these emotions can have a real toll on their mental and physical well-being. 

That’s why in-home care can be so beneficial to the health of seniors. They won’t have to wrestle with the stark emotions that come with being forced to move out of the home. It alleviates feelings of upheaval, loss, even abandonment that are often part and parcel with a senior being uprooted from his or her residence. The following are all advantages of in-home care: 

Staying Independent

One of the reasons why seniors dislike being moved out of their current home into a care facility is that such a change represents a loss of freedom. Many elderly adults fear that once they have lost their independence, they don’t have a lot left to live for. But with in-home care, a senior can still feel as if they can stay independent and in charge of their daily life. 

An in-home care aide can assist when necessary while allowing for that senior to go about their normal activities. 

Keeping Self-Dignity

When anyone loses their natural and normal abilities to accomplish even the smallest tasks, such as dressing themselves, practicing proper hygiene, and cooking their own meals, that can lead to a loss of dignity. But with an in-home care aide by your senior’s side, those everyday tasks can feel a lot less daunting and easier to accomplish. 

In the end, your senior feels a whole better about himself or herself and their self-confidence remains high. Self-esteem issues are a great contributor to other health risks that can negatively impact seniors. 

Stave Off Loneliness

Seniors who are forced to leave their home can start to feel like they’ve been pushed away from loved ones. This is where those feelings of abandonment come into play. A senior may have trouble making new friends in a care facility. He or she may not get along with other residents or they might have an issue with the staff. With an in-home care aide, your senior can feel less lonely as the aide can spend quality time with them, running errands, playing games, and doing other activities that can reduce feelings of loneliness. 

Feeling “At Home”

Allowing a senior to age in place with the help of an in-home care aide can provide that senior with the ability to feel more comfortable with his or her living situation. This is probably the best benefit of all as your elderly loved one continues to remain in the place, they have called home for all this time. They know this home, they are surrounded by all of the things they know and love, and the warm familiarity of this place can ward off feelings of depression and loneliness. 

Stronger Immunity

The emotional and mental benefits of living at home can also have an impact on the physical. Seniors are already living with weakened immune systems and when they have to deal with feelings of sadness, depression, and loneliness, these things can make it tougher on their immunity.

Furthermore, living in a senior care facility can expose a senior to other infections, diseases, and colds that other residences might develop. Hiring an in-home care aide for your senior can alleviate all of these concerns and help your senior live a much healthier life. 

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