Top 6 Common Mistakes Forex Traders Make

Thousands of Forex traders make some common mistakes, which ruin their chances of making profit. Most traders make these common mistakes because they want to earn a lot of money from a few trades.

Common mistakes of Forex traders

In this article, we will demonstrate some popular mistakes that the retailers make too often.

1.      No preparation

Mistakes are frequent among the newbie retailers because they don’t have any preparations on the market. All that they focus on is money. They only want to make money from the market instead of realizing the market condition. Professionals report that trading is one of the most complicated professions, and the market is becoming more competitive each day. So, many people face difficulties maintaining their position in a trade even if they did all the necessary preparation.

Before starting a trading career, it is recommended that you learn the analysis and realizing the market. Without making a solid preparation, you will lose your investment and potential trades.

2.      Forgetting about stop-loss

The Stop-loss limit plays a key role in controlling the amount of losses. Setting the stop-loss order is a risk management technique, and experts regard this as one of the best risk management strategies. Using the stop-loss order on the trades means that you are setting a limit beyond which your loss will not reach. In fact, the stop-loss limit is the point where your trade will be closed automatically once the market value crosses the limit. But to use a perfect SL and TP, you need to use a professional broker in the Mena region. Read more here about a top broker like Saxo and boost your chances of winning.

3.      The risk to reward ratio

This is a common mistake among beginners because they don’t understand the basic risk: reward principal. A higher risk: reward means there is a greater chance of losing the trade. Many retailers don’t understand it, and they jump to the trade without having knowledge about the consequence. While entering a trade, it will be wise to enter the trade with a lower risk: reward ratio, so that there is a higher chance of succeeding. Experienced dealers suggest entering trades with a risk: reward ratio of 1:2 (at a minimum).

4.      No patience

New Forex traders want to make a profit too early, which is a mistake. Without knowing about the marketplace, they start trading and overtrading. They think that trading is the easiest way to make money, which is one of the main reasons for failing. Experts always advise the beginners not to trade too often. If it is possible, try to increase the timeframe as it offers better setups.

5.      Improper position size

The size of the position indicates the amount of profit that a retailer may get or the amount of loss that the retailer may face. If you choose a greater position size, you will indeed receive greater profits if the market moves in your favor. But what will happen if the market moves against you? Nobody can predict the actual moves of the market. So, when the market moves against you, you will face a huge loss.

Beginner dealers always tend to take a higher position size, thereby taking a greater risk. Without knowing the consequences, they keep forwarding. When the market crashes, they lose hope and start blaming the market.

6.      No records

Successful Forex traders always keep good records of their past trades. It doesn’t matter whether they fail or succeed, they note down the records. They do it to analyze their mistakes. Keeping the records will help you to find out the reasons for failing or succeeding. Besides, a trader can use the record to find out his unnecessary expenses.

Trading will be easier if a dealer can gather knowledge and experience from his failures. Without keeping an eye on the record, you will hardly pave your way to success. Therefore, retailers need to keep a good and well-recorded trading diary so that they can analyze it regularly and therefore improve your skills.


These are the top six most common mistakes that Forex traders make.        

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