Five reasons you should always use commercial catering equipment

Domestic appliances can appear like the cost-saving option when purchasing equipment for a commercial kitchen. Although the cost may be dramatically reduced, the equipment is not necessarily fit for purpose and may end up causing more problems in the future.

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Size Matters

If you are providing a commercial catering service, you are providing food on a more substantial level than a domestic kitchen. It therefore makes sense that the equipment in a commercial kitchen needs to be on a larger scale. Your equipment needs to be able to handle a larger workload. Having domestic equipment in a commercial kitchen will impact on your ability provide an efficient service that is fit for purpose.

Consider Quality and Not Just Quantity

All equipment has a life expectancy and will need replacing. A domestic appliance should last many years in a household kitchen. However, place these same items in a commercial kitchen and they will last five minutes. Appliances that are produced for commercial use are manufactured to last longer and survive in a fast pace environment.

Keeping up the Pace

A catering fridge will have a more impressive compressor than a domestic fridge. This is so it can handle the fast pace environment of a commercial kitchen. The temperatures are a lot higher and the fridge will be opened regularly. A catering fridge will need to keep food fresh for a longer amount of time.

Precision Is Key

A restaurant usually has a reputation to maintain, and food will need to be of a high standard. A domestic kitchen appliance is not capable of cooking with the precision needed to reach the standards required of a commercial kitchen. Catering appliances can reach temperatures quicker without risking the quality of what is produced.

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Beyond the Price Tag

Domestic appliances can be far cheaper than commercial equipment. This, however, does not make it the best practice for your business. There are many features that you need to research before purchasing catering appliances from

– What materials are they manufactured from?
– What are the features and benefits of the equipment?
– Consider what purpose you are using it for and if it could cope with the catering environment

If this research is carried out correctly, then you should always choose to purchase commercial appliances rather than domestic ones.

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